January 2023 Releases

Configure your own Routing Rules — get the right tasks to the right agents at the right time

Admins can now control which tasks are routed to which agents and set the prioritization of different tasks to ensure the highest priority tasks are handled first. Reference campaign information or profile information about your contacts in deciding how to route and prioritize tasks. Rules can be applied to inbound calls, inbound sms or outbound calls.  Learn more —>

Be in the know, with more information about your tasks

Managers can now view information about tasks in a more concise and complete view on the new Task Detail Slideout. Access the slideout by selecting a task from the Agents or Tasks page. Task details include agent info, task status, campaign and journey info, as well as other task attributes derived from the contact profile — all of which can be referenced in Routing Rules.

Filter by state and trigger type to quickly find the journeys you’re looking for

Managers can now filter the Journeys table by State, Trigger Type, Created By and Updated By columns. These filters make it easier to quickly find the journeys you’re looking for.

Use contact attribute conditions to refine journey entrance criteria in trigger nodes

In journey trigger nodes, admins can further refine which contacts can enter a journey by specifying contact attribute conditions from a contact’s profile that must be met in order to trigger the journey.  This feature allows your journey stats to be more precise and improves journey execution speed by limiting the volume of contacts entering journeys to only those who are relevant. Learn more —>

Set a favorite reporting dashboard for quicker access to the data you rely on most

Reporting users can now set a reporting dashboard as their favorite, making it the default dashboard displayed when visiting the Reporting tab of the Regal app. Previously, the “Overall Performance Dashboard” was always displayed by default. Combined with Custom Reporting, this feature makes it especially easy to quickly access the data you rely on most.

Use externalId in CSV upload to avoid PII in files

Admins can now upload CSVs using identifiers other than contactPhone to update contacts or build a segment. We now require an externalId, email or contactPhone be present on each row of the file in order to process the update. By using externalId, this removes the need to use PII in your CSV files.  Learn more —>

Edit your reporting webhooks

Admins can now edit Reporting Webhooks, when needed. Webhook Endpoint, API Key and Header are all available to be edited. It may take a few minutes for changes to take effect.

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