Introducing REGAL AI

From the start, brands have relied on Regal to connect to more customers: real-time behavior data to know who to reach out to when, Journey Builder to create and test different outreach strategies without code, and Branded Caller ID to increase answer rates.

The customer is finally on the phone! 

Then agents go off script, critical customer context is lost when it’s not recorded into the CRM, and follow up is forgotten. Missed opportunities equal lost customers. 

Today we’re thrilled to announce the launch of REGAL AI, a suite of generative AI-powered tools to help agents and managers convert more customers with less effort. 

Say Hello to Better Context with AI Call Summaries

Arm managers and agents with an AI-generated summary and call outcome for every conversation. With AI Call Summaries, Agent’s don’t have to manually take notes and can easily review previous calls. Managers too can use the summaries to quickly review calls – rather than reading full transcripts or listening to recordings – to stay informed of what’s happening in their call center. 

Read 6 Created Use Cases for REGAL AI Call Summaries to learn how your teams can leverage this feature to its fullest potential.

Keep a Pulse on Service Quality with AI Call Sentiment

Use AI Call Sentiment to quickly detect the customer and agent sentiment of every call. AI analyzes the words exchanged between customers and agents as well as the context of the call, and determines the Sentiment as negative, neutral or positive. Managers can create Saved Views based on Sentiment, for example a Saved View of “All Negative Sentiment Calls” to focus their QA and coaching efforts on the agents that need the most support. 

Automate Personalized Follow Ups Based on What’s Said on a Call

Configure call trackers to detect key topics in your calls and trigger automated follow up Journeys or manager alerts based on what was said. Common trackers include product mentions, competitor mentions, objections, pain points, compliance phrases and value propositions. By automatically tagging every call that contains these trackers, you can craft personalized follow-up Journeys or actions for each customer – driving higher customer engagement and conversion. 

Here are some powerful examples:

Scenario 1: Change the follow up triggered SMS or email you send after a call based on a competitor mention.

  • For example, a prospect mentions they are also considering a savings product from Bank of America…

Scenario 2: Enter customer in a cross-sell campaign for another product line after a product need is mentioned on a call

  • For example, you call a customer to renew their Life Insurance policy, and they mention they haven’t had time to think about it because they’ve been busy moving to a new home…

Scenario 3: Trigger a follow up call with a manager after a very negative sentiment call

  • For example, a customer reacts unusually strongly to a change in pricing and threatens to complain on social media...

Automatically Update Your CRM or Data Warehouse

AI Call Summaries, Sentiment scores and Tracker mentions are all available in a convenient call.transcript.available event that you can receive through our Reporting Webhooks, Segment integration or Snowflake share in order to keep your internal systems up to date based the conversations your agents are having in Regal.

The best part about REGAL AI is we’re just getting started. In 2024, we’re committed to bringing you more AI features to help improve agent and manager efficiency, as well as drive more personalization and revenue from your customer interactions.

Ready to Elevate Your Agent Efficiency and Business Outcomes?

See why Legacy CCaaS is Dead, and find out why brands are switching to customer-centric, event-based tools like Regal. Contact us for a demo and experience the power of REGAL AI firsthand.

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