February 2023 Releases

Track and engage all your leads in one place with My Contacts view on Agent Desktop

Agents can now track all of the contacts they manage in one place from the new “My Contacts” view on the Agent Desktop. From this view, agents can search for any of their “owned” contacts by name or phone number to view their profile and past conversation history, and reach out by phone or text. This view is off by default, but can be enabled at the agent- or account-level upon request. The feature is most valuable for agents who are assigned leads and own those relationships end-to-end.  Learn more —>

Get more control over task assignment with Manual Overrides

In the Regal app, Routing Rules automatically determine which tasks to present to which agents based on criteria you define; however, occasionally managers may need more control over task assignment. With the new Manual Override feature, managers can quickly assign a pending task or task reservation to an “override agent” when necessary. The task will then be directed to that agent as soon as they become available. This feature — which only applies to tasks that have not yet been accepted by an agent — can be accessed from the Agents or Upcoming Tasks pages by clicking on a task.  Learn more ->

Save time by scheduling journeys in advance to send to an audience of your choosing

Admins can now trigger journeys to a segment of contacts at a pre-specified date and time. Scheduled Journeys are most useful for calendar-based events, such as holiday promotions or end-of-quarter activities. They let you plan your one-off campaigns in advance, ensuring that your messages reach customers at the perfect time. To schedule a journey, select the “Schedule” option from the trigger node.  Learn more ->

Use triggering event conditions to refine journey entrance criteria in trigger nodes

In journey trigger nodes, admins can now further refine which contacts can enter a journey by specifying property conditions that the trigger event must satisfy in order to trigger the journey. You can already filter by contact attribute conditions, and now you can filter by trigger event properties too. This feature allows your journey stats to be more precise and improves journey execution speed by limiting the volume of contacts entering journeys to only those who are relevant.  Learn more ->

View a contact’s complete event history to understand where they are in their customer journey

Managers can now view a contact's unified history of page views, custom events, and Regal events from the contact profile. This provides valuable insights into each customer's behavior across your website and Regal, and can help clarify why a contact went down a certain path in a journey. Learn more ->

View and edit a contact’s Salesforce opportunities directly from the Agent Desktop

Admins can now represent Salesforce Opportunities data in Regal by mapping your opportunities to contact attributes in Regal. This data will appear on the contact profile, can be made visible and editable to agents on the Agent Desktop, and is available in journeys. This feature includes support for multiple opportunities per contact. Your agents can also update the opportunity data in Regal and the changes will sync back to Salesforce, enabling a two-way sync for opportunities. Learn more ->

Map any Salesforce identifier to External ID in Regal for a consistent unique identifier across all your data sources

Admins can now map any attribute of your Salesforce Lead/Contact/Person/Account to the Regal userId (appears as External ID in Regal App). This allows for smoother stitching of profiles for the same customer across multiple data sources (e.g., Salesforce, Segment, Calendly) into a single, unified profile in Regal.  Learn more ->

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