August 2023 Releases

Early Access:

AI Conversation Summaries:

We know reviewing calls takes time which is why we are now offering call summaries! The summaries will provide insight into the key topics and outcomes of calls to help you quickly determine if a deeper manual review is needed. We’ve also included the summary text in reporting webhooks so you can sent that information with other systems. 

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Recent Releases:

Idle Agent Signals

Manager visibility into Agent activity gets a huge boost with the addition of idle signals. You will now see how long it’s been since an Agent last accepted a task and when tasks have been in wrap up for over 5 minutes.

Contact Attribute Visibility by Team

You can now configure Contact Attributes on the Agent Desktop to be shown to specific teams instead of all users, ensuring Agents see only the relevant customer information for them. This makes it easier to manage many Agent teams in Regal. 

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More Agent Stats

Agents will now see the count of tasks completed per business hour in addition to their total completed tasks, with a new status bar to help visualize their progress towards default goals. Our default goals are 150 completed tasks per day and 15 tasks completed per business hour.

Campaign Name on Task Card

Outbound call tasks triggered by Journeys will now display the name of the Campaign which created it. This update will help Agents quickly identify what the call should be about.

Default Contact Attributes

Contact Profiles are now enriched with the addition of 11 new default Contact Attributes. You’ll now be able to easily create Journeys or Segments based on for example the “last time” an outbound call took place or the last disposition of a conversation. This will help enable follow ups in scenarios where the last Inbound SMS message was 7 days ago, or the last Disposition was “Cancelation” and you want to automate a specific follow up task.

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Journey Tags

Journey organization just got easier! You can now create and apply tags to Journeys then filter them for easier searching. Create tags from the Journey edit screen by themes, goals, or teams.

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Coming Soon:

Dispositions by Team

As you add new teams to Regal you’ll likely want to have more specific task dispositioning for your different teams. You’ll soon be able to define dispositions, tags and cancellation reasons by team so each Agent sees the most relevant choices when closing a task.

Queue Creation

Gain more control over your queues. Instead of having to reach out to Regal support to create a new queue you will soon be able to create new queues within the Regal application without having to wait.

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