August 2022 Releases

Don't forget to summarize that call

Agents are now reminded to summarize and complete their call tasks with a new banner that appears as soon as a call is hung up. This should free up agents sooner for the next call.  Learn more —>

A picture is worth a thousand words

Agents can now drag and drop image attachments to their messages from the agent desktop, unlocking more ways for agents to connect with customers. Customers can also send in images.

Monitor your journeys in real time

Managers can now see live stats about their journeys including how many customers are currently progressing through a journey, how many have finished the journey and how many have stopped the journey. Live stats are also available on the journeys list page and on delay nodes. Learn more —>

Gotta get from other systems using journeys

Managers can now get creative with journeys by using GET requests in journey webhooks to look up and retrieve information from other systems such as an ESP, CRM, etc. and then post that information onto profiles in Regal or use it to send customers down a different path in a Regal journey. Learn more —>

Bring Salesforce calendar Event object data into Regal

For customers who use Salesforce as a data source for Regal: Now, creating, editing, and deleting calendar Events in Salesforce will send a custom event to Regal. Properties contain all details about the Event, including start & end dates/times, subject, location, owner/agent, etc. These events are linked to the appropriate Regal contact so you can automatically schedule callback tasks using Journeys. Learn more —>

Treat your customers like royalty

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