April 2024 Releases

Recent Releases:

A More Flexible Workspace Layout for Agents

Flexible Agent Desktop

Agents can now configure the Agent Desktop by expanding or collapsing its sections (navigation, contact/campaign info) to focus on the information that is more important to them. The layout is scrollable for smaller screens and window sizes so agents can navigate every part of the Agent Desktop regardless of screen size.

Treat Incoming Callers Differently After Hours in Regal IVR

Check Hours IVR Node

A new “Check Hours” node in the IVR lets you check whether an incoming call is inside or outside your business hours – using either your default business hours or a custom business hours template – and then path the caller accordingly. You can set up custom business hours templates from Settings > General Settings > Business hours.

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Present Custom Menus to Incoming Callers in Regal IVR

Gather Input IVR Node

A newGather Input” node in the IVR lets you present a menu of options to an incoming caller (e.g., press 1 for Medical Issue, press 2 for Billing Issue), and then path the caller accordingly based on their selection. Admins can specify the number of times the message plays if the customer has yet to press a key, as well as the “stop gather criteria” (based on amount of time, number of digits or if a specific key is pressed such as #).

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Quickly Find the Best Calls to Review by Filtering for Missing Trackers

Missing Conversation Tracker Filter

Quickly find transcripts that don’t have a specific Conversation Tracker by using the “Missing Conversation Tracker” filter in Conversation Intelligence. This is useful, for example, if you expect all agents to mention a particular value proposition on outbound sales calls over 2 minutes long, and you want to identify the calls where this hasn’t happened in order to review and coach agents. 

Associate Regal Tasks and Events to Opportunities in Salesforce

Regal Tasks and Events on Salesforce Opportunity Records

When Regal’s Salesforce integration logs a Task or RVE object in Salesforce based on activity in Regal, it now relates the Task or RVE object to the Opportunity record that triggered the task in Regal. For example: if a "Salesforce Opportunity Updated" event triggers a call task and the agent completes it, the Task object will be logged on both the Contact and Opportunity records in Salesforce.

Note: This feature requires that you install Regal’s Salesforce package v1.90 or later. 

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More Improvements:

Refresh Contact Info on Agent Desktop

Agents can now click a “Refresh Contact” button on the Agent Desktop to see the latest contact attributes, if needed. This can be useful if a task has been open for a long time, and an agent is expecting an update to the contact’s attributes.

Coming Soon:

IVR: Voicemail & ASAP Callback Nodes

Stay tuned for more IVR exit nodes like Send to Voicemail and ASAP Callback. 

Salesforce Opportunity Objects in Regal

Agents can view and edit Salesforce Opportunities directly from the Regal Agent Desktop.

AI Scorecards

Automatically score 100% of Agent-Customer calls by using REGAL AI to complete your QA scorecards. AI Scorecards can be edited by managers.

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