Announcement: Regal SMS Suite

It is critical for brands to reach customers where they are - on their smartphones - so we have always offered SMS capabilities. Today we are announcing our third feature of the week, a massively expanded SMS Suite.

A bit of background first. Legacy CCaaS (Contact Center as a Service) software was built before SMS became commonplace so many brands on legacy CCaaS are still not using SMS. But now that 80%+ of leads are providing a cell phone number instead of a landline, SMS capabilities are a must. Unfortunately, if brands wanted to try using SMS, it required adding three separate products for each use case – SMS marketing (eg. Iterable, Braze, Twilio), 1:1 SMS Conversations (SMS Magic, Hatch), SMS AI Bot (from simpler tools like Verse to more sophisticated use cases built on new LLMs) – adding to the complexity of implementation and leading to a bad, albeit common, situation where customers were being contacted by calls from one number and texts from 3 other numbers. Worst of all, the brand’s agents didn’t have one place to see all the customer conversations.

That’s the problem our new SMS Suite solves. Implementing conversational texting can be challenging due to compliance, but our white-glove support is here to help you implement an end-to-end sms solution:

  • Compliance & Customer Preferences: We natively manage the TCPA and TSR compliance (and handle CCPA/GDPR deletion requests), and maintain a record of a customer’s current channel opt-in preferences across voice, sms and email, as well as an audit trail of when they opted in or out of each channel, from what IP, and what terms they accepted.

  • One Phone Number: All your marketing and conversational SMS will come from one A2P 10DLC enabled long number. Callbacks are routed back to your phone queue.

  • Triggered & Scheduled SMS Journeys. Make sure you are taking advantage of the sms channel. Easily create personalized, engaging experiences at scale. Send SMS that drive revenue.

  • 1:1 SMS Conversations. Let your agents engage customers manually with SMS or wait for customers to inbound and route them to the appropriate team. Drive engaged customers to agents to build relationships that will make a customer for life. It’s no longer enough to tell customers what you want them to hear via 1-way sms.

  • AI SMS Bot. No agent has ever wanted to chase low intent leads. Leverage Conversational AI to deliver quick responses and drive high-intent customers into phone or SMS conversations with your sales team.

  • A/B Testing: A/B test to iterate on your message, segmentation, timing and more. Show off your great results.

Want to learn more? See why Legacy CCaaS is Dead, and find out which brands are switching to customer-centric, event-based tools like Regal.

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