2023 Year In Review

As 2023 comes to a close, we want to thank our customers and reflect on an incredible year of impact. 

We founded Regal to help B2C companies drive more revenue by using personalization to treat millions of customers like one in a million. We saw the rise of CDPs like Segment and mParticle, and realized that while these technologies were disruptive for one-way digital marketing like Advertising, Email and Push, they were not being used to modernize Sales CRMs and Contact Centers. Our aim was to help B2C companies – especially those selling considered products – use real-time customer behavior data to drive more and better conversations through branded, event-driven calls and texts where a conversation can 2-3x your conversion rates. 

Today customers have expanded their use cases for Regal beyond what we imagined. As a result, we reached a number of important milestones, including 4 Billion behavioral events processed, 60 Million conversations, and $3 Billion of customer revenue driven.

In 2023, the Regal team shipped a lot of great features, including:

  • A more empowering and customizable Agent Desktop with Agent Performance Stats, Custom Contact Lists, Custom Tasks and SMS Templates.
  • More channels and ways to reach your customers, such as International Calling and Texting, Email, and AI SMS Assistant.
  • Segment Builder and Scheduled Journeys – great for holidays, winback strategies or end of month pushes – so you have more tools to hit your growth goals.
  • Admin and Manager controls for multi-team management, easier configuration and better oversight.
  • AI-powered Conversation Intelligence, including Transcription, Conversation Trackers, QA Scorecards and Call Summaries, so you can use insights from 100% of customer-agent interactions to convert more customers.

Thank you for trusting us to power such an important part of your customer experience and for being wonderful partners. We can’t wait to show you what’s coming in 2024. Email rebecca@regal.io if you want to learn more. 

- Rebecca & Alex

Co-Founders, Regal.io

A More Empowering Agent Experience

The Regal Agent Desktop now gives Agents insight into their performance and more control over the contacts they own. 

Custom Contact Lists

More Ways to Engage Customers in Conversations

Reach customers across more channels wherever they are and provide 24/7 service so you never miss out on a sale.

Email Channel

More Advanced Orchestration Features

Take your outreach to the next level – all from a single canvas – with Journey Builder now supporting real-time, ad hoc and scheduled use cases. 

Segment Builder

Unified Contact Profiles

One real-time view of the customer, including CRM data, time-series behavior data and Contact Center data.

Events Feed
  • Managers can view a contact’s unified history on a single Events Feed in Regal. Learn more → 
  • Contacts no longer require a phone number to be in Regal – now you can have Email-only contacts or contacts with multiple phone numbers and email addresses. Learn more → 

Self Serve Manager Tooling & Real-Time Insights

We added more Admin and Manager controls for multi-team management, easier configuration and better oversight.

Multi-Team Management

More and Better No Code Integrations 

We added two new no-code integrations this year and deepened our Salesforce integration.

Braze Integration

AI-Powered Conversation Intelligence

Use conversation data from 100% of customer-agent interactions to coach agents and convert more customers.

Conversation Intelligence
  • View and search high quality call Transcripts and Call Summaries to make reviewing calls easier.  
  • Set up Conversation Trackers to gain insights into script adherence, customer objections or market intelligence.
  • Create and complete QA Scorecards to track Agent quality and compliance. 

Treat your customers like royalty

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