Outbound Campaign Compliance 101: TSR, TCPA, DNC, EBR, and ATDS
Before you call or text a consumer, make sure you have the proper consent. Ignore regulations like the Telemarketing Consumer Protection Act (TCPA) and Telemarketing Sales Rule (TSR) at your own risk.
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Drive More Contact Center Revenue With These 6 Holiday Tips
It’s the holiday season and you’d like to hit your December revenue goals. Outbound B2C sales during the holidays can be a major performance driver – if you're prepared and you have the right tools in place. Use these seven tips to get your outbound B2C sales in shape for holiday success.
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Why Your Outbound Calls Are Being Labeled SPAM or SPAM LIKELY… and What to Do About It
Legitimate B2C brands are incorrectly being flagged as spam by cell carriers. If your current call patterns are causing your legitimate calls to be flagged, there is a new process to remove spam flags.
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What is a Journey Builder?
Say goodbye to batch processing, complicated SQL queries or custom engineering to decide who to call. Journey builders help B2C create more timely, relevant and personalized outreach to customers. And is bringing this technology to sales and marketing teams that use conversational channels like outbound phone and sms sales, resulting in incredible answer rate gains.
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