Drive faster speed-to-lead and higher engagement rates by adding a 24/7 SMS Assistant that will always reach prospects first.

Engage, qualify or revive leads — all with zero headcount.
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Regal drives 3,500,000+ ROI-positive conversations a month


- Said No Sales Agent Ever

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Lift your conversion
Lift your conversion
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Sarah Haselkorn
VP Sales & Support, MakeSpace

"After launching Regal with Branded Caller ID on cell phones for our lead outreach calls, we saw a 20% lift in conversion at a 20x ROI within a week. We've been looking for a solution like this for years!"

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Leila Kutler
Senior Director, Strategy & Growth
"Regal allowed us to invest in a personalized conversational experience for our members, and to A/B test how to best support homeowners at key moments."

Reach 100% OF YOUR PROSPECTS starting today.

You spend so much money and time to generate leads. Then 40% of leads come in outside of business hours, sales agents are busy, followup is manual, your leads are going stale, and prospects are complaining no one reaches out.

Your revenue is suffering.

24/7 Speed-to-Lead

Engage the moment customers show interest. And then drive the right outcome — qualify, book appointments (integrated with Calendly), create inbound calls, or transfer live text message conversations or connected calls directly to your team.

SMS Conversations

Powerful human-like conversations run around the clock so you never miss an opportunity with a new lead, never forget to the next step with a prospect or forget to nurture old leads.

Even switch the sms conversations back and forth between the SMS Assistant and your sales team.

Make Data Driven Decisions

Create a testing plan and A/B test time of day, opening lines and qualification questions to identify what drives the best outcome.

And get added insight into your prospects' behaviors that will improve your downstream conversion.


How does the 24/7 SMS Assistant Work?

When you send a lead to Regal, we’ll automatically reach out with an SMS message prompting a response. You can design the SMS prompts like a decision tree in our Journey Builder or leave it up to us based on our industry experience. As the customer engages, the SMS Assistant understands their intent and adapts its response to the most appropriate next SMS message - leading the customer down the intended journey. If the lead is unresponsive, the SMS Assistant will follow up with more nudges.

Will customers know they aren't talking to a human?

Probably not. Our SMS Assistant is designed to respond in a professional, yet natural way, and if a customer ever responds with something the AI doesn’t understand, we have specialists that step in to assist, further training our language model.

How do qualified leads get back to my sales agents?

Once a lead has met the criteria you set, there are many ways to pass that lead on.

We can always sent it back to your CRM (we are integrated with Salesforce, Hubspot, Zendesk, Kustomer, and offer a webhook for home-grown CRMs). We also integrate with appointment scheduling software like Calendly so you can automatically book appointments that way.

But most customers prefer to transfer live text message conversations or connected calls directly to your team. And some customers even prefer to push the customer to create create inbound calls, but we don't encourage that.

Treat your customers like royalty

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